Bins needed to address HGV litter

Amanda Milling, Member of Parliament for Cannock Chase, has called for the installation of extra litter bins around business parks in Rugeley, to help address the constant stream of litter complaints caused by HGV fly-parking.

Business parks and nearby residential roads in Rugeley are suffering from an issue called HGV fly-parking, which is where HGVs are parked up overnight on roads due to insufficient HGV parking facilities in the area. Residents and businesses are complaining about the mess left behind by some irresponsible drivers, including food waste, litter and even human waste.

The issue is one which the Cannock Chase MP raised in Parliament recently, when she called for better parking facilities for HGV drivers to be included in the development of business parks and distribution centres, as often drivers have no choice but to park up on side roads before or after making deliveries.

The Cannock Chase MP believes that extra litter bins on streets and roads that see regular HGV fly-parking would help to reduce at least some of the friction between businesses, residents and drivers.

Amanda Milling MP said: “The vast number of HGV drivers are responsible and do not leave a mess behind, however there are a number of drivers leaving litter and waste behind on residential roads and business parks in Rugeley. I have even been told of human waste being thrown over fences onto private land. A simple action, like more litter bins, would at least help to alleviate some of the problems.  It will also help responsible drivers by allowing them to put their refuse in a bin, as opposed to having to keep it in their vehicles”

Amanda has visited businesses in the area and talked to them about numerous issues, including HGV fly-parking and she believes this simple step would help to reduce some of the friction between residents, businesses and drivers.