Review of illegal traveller encampments laws.

Amanda Milling, Member of Parliament for Cannock Chase, has welcomed a review of the law and powers used to deal with illegal traveller encampments.

The Cannock Chase MP has repeatedly raised illegal traveller sites in Cannock Chase with the authorities, including sites at Stokes Lane, Barnard Way, Cannock Chase Leisure Centre and an open space off Delta Way/Laburnum Avenue. Residents complain that the travellers leave behind rubbish and building waste, and are often the source of anti-social behaviour issues for local residents. One of the issues that causes the most complaints from local residents is the time it can take to move travellers once they have stopped on parks and community open spaces.

The Cannock Chase MP has therefore welcomed the consultation that the Government has recently which looks at all aspects of the law around traveller encampments. The Government consultation covers police and local authority powers, court processes, Government guidance, the provision of legal sites and the impact on settled and nomadic communities. The Cannock Chase MP is asking local residents who have had any experience of travelling communities to take part in the consultation.

Amanda Milling MP said: “There are many travelling communities that don’t cause issues to local residents and are very good neighbours, however that has not been the case with some of those that have stopped in Cannock Chase. Residents have reported litter, building waste, animal waste, noise complaints and an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area. This is an issue that myself and many colleagues have raised in Parliament and directly with Ministers so I am glad that the government is looking at the laws around travelling communities.”

Amanda Milling added: “I hope that residents who have been affected by travelling communities take part in the consultation and include their views and experiences with the Government.”

The consultation is open until 15th June 2018 and full details can be found here -